Ways to strengthen the LGBT+ community and ways to improve this site.

I have been contemplating on ways to strengthen the community and how to be more inclusive of everyone in the community.  I am hoping this resource site will be a great addition for people to find a resource that will help them in various ways, whether its coming out, finding support, making friends, finding competent medical and behavioral care and more.

I want to be a voice for everyone in the community and for those who feel lost or misunderstood.  I will admit in the past I have been naive and thought of the LGBT community as mostly a gay community and wanted to make gay friends and didn’t know much about the rest of the community.  Thankfully I became a student at George Washington University studying LGBT Health Policy for an online certificate program and learned so much.  I learned about the whole community, how gender is fluid and falls under a spectrum, no one is alike and everyone has unique characteristics and deserves to be shown love and respected.  I learned about gender fluid, non-binary, non-gender, cisgender, trans* and so much more.  I was soaking up all the information and I learned how hard it is for those who don’t live as the gender they were born with, mainly because of how almost everything is related to gender and being just male or female.  But by putting people in boxes of just strictly feminine or masculine hurts a lot of people who fall outside of those boxes.  I know I was born a male and still consider myself a male and therefore it makes me cisgender, but I am not completely masculine and I don’t fall into the typical male standards.  I do believe education does need to be changed on gender and sexuality but that is hard to change just on my own.  Maybe if I add support forums and have open chats and learning modules on here.  Also if anyone has any questions please feel free to contact me on this site!

I also would like to be a voice for those who feel alone or who are struggling through any problem.  Whether it being anxiety, depression, suicidal thoughts, not feeling included, social anxiety, relationship issues, dating issues, and whatever else someone is going through.  I want people to know that they are not alone and there is always help they can find.  Maybe having an open chat on here can be an outlet to go through.  It is also hard to get people in the community to find this site, especially if they are homeless or have no access to a computer.

Now, I am looking for more ideas on how to make this site more impactful.  Please comment below and give recommendations on what I should add, including more resources and  Perhaps a forum?  Chat? Videos?   Im open to suggestions.  Thanks! 🙂  Much love!